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Scarabs From Antiquity

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Ring: 14 Kt gold, ancient Egyptian scarab, wood inlays

Ring: 14 kt Gold. Ancient double scarabs: Carved hard stone, green glazed scarab

Ring: 14 kt gold, Cast 14 kt Byzantine Scarab: Boy on a Dolphin.

Ring: 14-18 Kt gold, ancient scarab, inlays

Ring: Sterling silver, ancient scarab, inlays

Ring: 14 Kt gold ancient scarab, and carnelian ring fragment, ebony wood inlays

Ring: 14 Kt gold, limestone scarab

Ring: Sterling silver limestone scarab with scroll designs

Ring: 14 kt gold, green jasper scarab

Ring: Sterling silver, blue glazed scarab, ebony wood inlays

Ring: 14 kt gold, hard stone scarab

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